Photo Gallery

2018-2019 Orientation

We’re so excited to see what’s in store for us this year! Our number of mentorship participants has grown quite a bit. This isn't even everyone!

Left to Right (front, sitting): Mrs. Mullet (returning mentor & committee member), Ma’Kheila J. (new mentee), Glenda R. (returning mentee), Jatavia T. (returning mentee), Chelsea W. (new mentee)

Left to Right (front, standing): Ms. Jenkins (new mentor), Ms. Williams (new mentor), Mrs. Townsend (new mentor), Teazia J. (new mentee), Ty’Asia K. (returning mentee), Lizzie L. (returning mentee), Shykearia R. (new mentee), Tai’Mhariya A. (new mentee), Dominique M. (returning mentee), Aaliyah B. (new mentee), Ms. Moore (program director), Ms. Miner (volunteer coordinator)

Left to Right (back, standing): Ms. Valley (training coordinator), Ms. McDonald (mentor & outreach coordinator), Ms. Key (returning mentor), Ms. Adell (new mentor), Holly M. (returning mentee), Ms. Blankenship (social media coordinator)

2018-2019 Orientation

Ms. Williams gets acquainted with her new mentee, Tai’Mhariya.

2018-2019 Orientation

Our Volunteer Coordinator, the Marvelous Mrs. Miner!

2018-2019 Orientation

Left to Right: Ms. Valley (training coordinator), Ms. Goodman (BHS faculty member & potential volunteer), Mrs. Langston (parent)

Mentor, Ms. Key, gets acquainted with her new mentee, Lizzie.

Although everyone couldn't attend the 2017-2018 end-of-year reception, it was a great end to GRACE's pilot year. Though it has been a challenge, we look forward to continuing with this program!

Left to Right: Ms. Owens (former mentor & committee member), Mrs. Miner (volunteer coordinator), Dominique M. (mentee), Ms. Key (mentor), Skitearia R. (mentee), Sha’Viona W. (mentee), Ariona H. (mentee), Jatavia T. (mentee), Shi’Anne B. (mentee), Ty’Asia K. (mentee), Ms. McDonald (mentor & outreach coordinator), Ashley Moore (mentor & program director)

Ms. Key, one of our mentors from the community, came out to support her two mentees, Ariona & Shi’Anne, at their graduation this past May.